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Robot Manager - RPA Service - SchedulerDefinition - MAtchSet - tweaking

Pega RPA service helps start/stop/schedule Bots from Robot Manager,and here RPA service has to be configured properly to take benefit of it.

for the win logon part , each type of machine has its own logon window, ( based on organization policy and specifications), here are some tricks to tweak the schedulerDefinition.xml file

  • Matchset plays a vital role for Windows Logon . 


  • matchset has to be tweaked according to the login sequence  (the RPAService log collects all accessibility controls) , based on this the SchedulerDefinition file can be tweaked.


  • additionally , each matchset has a continuity option, where , for certain sets , we have to make it continued , instead of stop..

matchset modifications


How to identify , which Matchset is failing ...

  • identify what accessibility controls are available on your screen , from below log, and try modifying the matchsets.

identify the available accessibility controls

Guys , your valuable suggestions are welcomed...



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