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Stone Xia (XUDOX)
Senior System Architect
Pegasystems Inc.
XUDOX Member since 2013 2 posts
Posted: June 8, 2020
Last activity: June 9, 2020

Save button on flow actions not always necessary

The action area buttons section rule "Work-:pyCaseActionAreaButtons" is one of those OOTB functionalities with Save button showing up as non-customized buttons. We find the Save button is necessary for some cases but not for some other cases. For instance, when the user is enabled to update a datetime field which is also refereced by the SLA of current assignment, the user is expected to "submit" the update so to persist the data change and to refresh SLA schedule. However, when the user chooses to update the date, click Save button and log off thinking work is done, the data now on date is out of sync with the SLA timer. In such a situaion we do not wish to show Save button at all, and we do not wish to overwrite the OOTB section either, so ideally the visibility of OOTB Save button can be parameterized so to be configured more properly. 

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