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Dheerender Nath Ranga (rangd)
Sr. Manager CRM - Field Service
Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: June 17, 2020
Last activity: December 15, 2020

Support for creating child cases from actions

Business use-case:

In our application, we display a list of tasks that are recommended to the user that needs to be completed on-site as part of the WorkOrder case that they are assigned to. These are Data- items initially with minimum details and the user can then click on the data item from the list at which point it is converted to a child case(Task case) for the user to enter more details. The Task case can have a lifecycle of it's own.


There is no easy way to create a child case from a list. I can Create Work/Add New Work but that doesn't create the newly created work as a child of the existing case.

Since ours is an offline enabled mobile app, we are doing this via addWorkFromActionMenu javascript api which is not very convenient and makes us rely on JavaScript which we would like to avoid. This is a required feature for both web and mobile online apps as well.


The proposal is to have an option with Create Work or Add work to associate the work as a child to an existing case or provide a new option to create child case. We should also be able to propagate the required data from parent case to the child case.

We have helped many customers who have seen a lot of value in this and it would make implementation easier if we have this feature.


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