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Posted: August 14, 2017
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Throttling in Pega Marketing Outbound channels


We would like to have throttling functionality in Pega Marketing. I tried to summarize the expected behaviour below.

  1. To throttle outbound message (SMS, Email, PushNotification) deliveries e.g. send max. X amount of messages in Y amount of time
  2. To throttle message delivery by three dimensions; channel (as above), customer type, and proposition's issue/group/name
  3. These values must be editable from Pega Marketing (Configuration --> Setting) Channels landing pages since these parameters are not at campaign level but at channel/account level.

There're two major technical constraints that are forcing us to apply throttling on these dimensions. The use cases that made us seek throttling are as follows;

  1. The SMS Centre (SMSC) that Pega Marketing is integrated with cannot handle more than ~50 SMS per second. We need to slow down the message delivery of Pega Marketing. PushNotificaiton channel has a similar constraint.
    1. Thus, throttling should be available for every .pyChannel value.
  2. Bulk outbound message delivery generates inbound calls on Call Centeres. For example, generating 50 SMS per second makes 180K outbound interactions in an hour and this bulk volume generates <=10K inbound calls in an hour, which is either blocking the IVR or Call Center system, if not both. Briefly, Pega Marketing's campaign delivery is blocking the operation on call center side. The business case is this; "since there are few (<100) agents for VIP customers, do not send more than 10 outbound messages per second from this segment so that call center will not get overloaded with inbound calls". Thus, rather than sending e.g. 180K messages in one hour, send max ~30-40K outbound messages per hour. Briefly, distribute the outbound load so that inbound calls would not get piled up for that agent group.
    1. We're aware of the fact that this
    2. pyCustomerSegment & pyCustomerSubSegment of Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Customer class.

We appreciate if we can start with channel level (max. X messages in Y minutes) throttling and improve with customer / proposition level throttling.


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