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Posted: September 28, 2017
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Turn of unwanted 'IgnoreCase' search within CaseMatch rule in Pega 7

This support request, is actually a request for a change in pega 7.4 or somewhere in the future, and is linked to SR-B51376.

We would like that in the CaseMatch rule, a developer can choose to turn of the 'ignore case' search, because this default of pega is effecting our system performance heavily, and of every other pega customer as well. It would be great to have checkboxes for this in the ruleform in Pega 7.4 for example.

In step 7.1 of the following rule, the ignorecase is set to true for all duplicate case search:
ACTIVITY class: @baseclass ID: pzRunDuplicateCasesReport RS: Pega-Desktop:07-10-27

It would be great if there was a checkbox (even greater if this would be able to set per search criteria) in the CaseMatch ruletype so that we can control it.

Steps to Reproduce
Just create a case, type anything to compare in the casematch rule, and trace the DB steps, and you will see that a duplicate case search in pega performs an UPPER statement out of the box.
Attempted Solutions
Nothing, we did get offered a local change in SR-B51376, we could change an activity ourselves, but i think this would be nice to be configurable for every pega client.
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