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Michael Royston (MikeR)
Navy Federal Credit Union
Automation Systems Design Architect
Navy Federal Credit Union
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Navy Federal Credit Union
Posted: July 20, 2020
Last activity: November 15, 2020

Unable to retrieve case fields (page or page list) from Robotics

Currently we mark scalar properties/fields as relevant records, but not embedded properties of page or page list properties. For example - if we have a "Member" or "Customer" data class with properties such as first name, last name, etc - we are unable to set or retrieve those properties from robotics studio. Each of those data fields must be created as scalar properties at the case level. This severely impacts our efforts to create data structures following an Enterprise Class Structure per best practices within Pega Platform. (This appears to be an issue for all external integration via API, not just robotic studio)

Pega Platform 8.4.1 Data Integration Java and Activities