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Posted: March 4, 2020
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Posted: 4 Mar 2020 3:14 EST
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Updating assignment urgency when work urgency changed

I understand that Pega is taking the work urgency as a basis for calculating the assignment urgency. So whenever an assignment is created or updated, the work urgency (.pxUrgencyWork Work-) gets copied to the assignment (.pxUrgencyWork Assign-), which will trigger the declare expression to calculate the assignment urgency (.pxUrgencyAssign).

What I now not understand is that there is no automatic update of the assignment urgency whenever the work urgency changes.

For instance, when a case level SLA is increasing the work urgency, why is then not automatically the assignment urgency being increased?

We used the following approach to assure this:

We have implemented an Declare OnChange watching .pxUrgencyWork. When this is changing, we call Pega's OOTB activity "resynchAssignmentUrgency".

Working perfectly and should be in my opinion completely Pega OOTB.

Pega Platform 7.1.9 Case Management Senior System Architect