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Posted: May 9, 2020
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User footprint in information in PEGA server

In mission critical production environments, it is very common to have multi-node deployment where a user can login and perform his transaction in any random node. Multi-node system also ensures high availability and scalability. Often it is found that when a user faces any issue in such multi-node PEGA application that first thing a support engineer to check the log file, but as the environment is getting complex the finding logs in these nodes is becoming a challenge. This is even problematic when issue is seen very rarely. Sometime debugging these kind of rare seen issues, becomes really challenging task.

To solve these problems, I propose to maintain a user footprint information in PEGA DB / file system. The footprint of user may record below data about all user who logs into PEGA in last couple of days.

The nodes where user logs in its time

Session time of user in various nodes.

All error/error that user session faced in a particular day.

Provision to automatically capture tracer entries for given date/time [ future] or any condition.


All this information can be stored for limited period of time like 5 days so that if user reports any issue then support engineer can simply ask for DB table content of above tables and get vital information needed for debugging. after 5 days all this information should be auto purged and there should be configuration to turn on / off footprint feature based on environment type like



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