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Posted: June 13, 2018
Last activity: August 23, 2018

Why not enable the "Run this agent on only one node at a time" for the Advanced Pega marketing agents for high availability?

In our project client raised concerns of why not make all the Pega marketing agents multinode for the sake of high availability. In response we refer the below article to highlight Pega's recommendation

In this context the point I want to raise is Pega probably marked all the advanced marketing agents to run on single node to avoid any contention issue on the DB table on which they execute, however the problem here is if the node on which it will be running crashes for some reason then that agent won't be executed at all until that node is manually brought up or someone from OPS team start it in some other node.

So my question is if we enable the "Run this agent on only one node at a time" option for the Advanced Pega marketing agents, won't it serve both the purpose?

If yes then how come this option is unchecked in PegaMKT-Engine agent in 7.22, is it for some good reason or can it be considered as a defect and be fixed by raising an SR.?



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