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Workgroup rule and Workgroups list - show related workbaskets

In the base Pega product:

1. When we open a Work Group rule, we can see the 'Default workbasket' field, but we do not see list of other workbaskets that are tied to this workgroup.
In this rule form, we should have a read-only section to display all workbaskets associated to this workgroup.
This makes it easy to identify all workbaskets tied to this workgroup without having to open and check each workbasket rule.

See attachment workgroup.png

2. Similarly, from menu Designer Studio -> Org & Security -> Tools -> Work Groups,
we see list of all work groups with columns: work group name, description and manager.
We should have 2 more columns:
Default workbasket
Other workbaskets - a concatenated list of all other workbaskets (non-default) associated with this work group

See attachment workgroups_list.png

3. In the Work Group rule, the Actions menu should have 'View references' option so we can see all rules where this work group is referenced

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