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2-way SSL on Connect-SOAP


I have read a few articles about this on PDN, but I am still looking for information to see if a hotfix or an enhancement will be provided at some point.

Essentially, based on the following article, to setup the client side for 2-way ssl on a Connect-SOAP, it's up to the JVM configuration:…

Issue is that some app servers (JBOSS) won't allow to configure dynamic client cert lookup only a single one for all outbound connections.

Also, for Connect-REST an enhancement has been made to allow for specification of a keystore and truststore in the Connect rule itself. Why not do the same for SOAP?

I know that REST is getting a lot of interest and people are slowly moving away from SOAP, but SOAP services are still going to be around for some time...

What is Pega's plan? Are we going to get a fix that allows to specify a keystore on a Connect-SOAP rule the same way it was done for REST?

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