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7.1.8 : Bulk transfer action filters assigments only current work pool, skips sub case assignments

When we do bulk transfer action,system filters only current workpool assignments (pxThread.pxCurrentWorkPool).


Suppose Case Structure is as below
A-B-C-D (Class Group : A-B-C)
|__A-B-C-E (Is a Class Group)
|__A-B-C-F (Is a Class Group)
|__A-B-G-H (Class Group : A-B-G)



Bulk Report: pyBulkProcessingTemplateWorkList lists only Assignments from A-B-C-D

1. Bulk Actions thread has pxCurrentWorkPool set to A-B-C. This is the first entry in the Application Rule >> Cases & Data Tab. If we update Application to have A-B-C-E first in the list. Report displays cases from A-B-C-E alone.

2. We did class join  Assign-WorkList in pyBulkProcessingTemplateWorkList report.


Please assist. We wish to list cases from multiple Case Types and transfer them.

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