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721 UDF - [1] Obligatory Yes/No [2] system impact if missing

Salut team,

I need to know whether the installation of Pega UDF (user defined functions) are obligatory or not (in my case: Oracle).
The 721 installation guide (Tomcat/Oracle) states (…)

  • If you plan to use user-defined functions (UDF), support for UDF installed by the Pega 7 Platform is enabled.
  • l If you plan to use user-defined functions (UDF), Java is enabled in the database.

This sounds to me as if the installation of Pega UDF is optional.
On the other hand, Appendix D sounds more, as if the installation must be performed.
So I have two questions that I would like to clarify
Is the installation of UDF mandatory or not?
If yes, we should update the installation manual.
What is the impact on a system, if UDF are not installed?
(My current thought: Reports based on unexposed BLOB properties won't work)

Best regards,

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