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Manoj Sarvepalli (MANOJPDN)
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Posted: June 2, 2017
Last activity: April 6, 2018

722- Jar file involving DirectStreamReader is needed

We have a database which hosts Pega 718 and now Pega 722. Each of these have there own seperate set of spit schemas ( work, rules). 722 is up and running however we are getting ORA-29541: class could not be resolved

in JAVA classes of the schema we see com/pega/pegarules/data/udf/directstreamreader/DirectStreamReader with STATUS INVALID.

we tried below options

(1) alter java class "com/pega/pegarules/data/udf/directstreamreader/DirectStreamReader" COMPILE;

(2) alter java class "com/pega/pegarules/data/udf/directstreamreader/DirectStreamReader" RESOLVE;

(3) tried reimporting prreadstream.jar from /archives/udf of media

none of this has resolved the issue and the status of those classes are INVALID and when we run the flow it is throwing the above ORA-29541error

Since multiple DirectStreamReader from 718 and 722 are present in the underlying DB tablespace/server , could it cause an issue? we are thinking underlying jar com/pega/pegarules/data/udf/directstreamreader/DirectStreamReader is corrupted. Can you provide us with a jar using which we can import those java classes.

Any help is appreciated.



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