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7.3 Open Work by handle leads to error in doUIAction step 28:


We have done an upgrade from our application from 7.2 to 7.3 and in one of our sections we use the action Open work by handle on an item which we are presenting as a link. After pressing on this link and PEGA tries to open up the work item by this handle we sometimes (not always) get an error in the activity doUIAction that occurs in step 28 and to be precise on this particular part of the Java code:

hasAccessToWorkPool = pega_processengine_workutilities.pzHasAccessToWorkPool(className);

We get a fail saying: ** Problem invoking function: pega_processengine_workutilities.pzHasAccessToWorkPool--(String), Undefined class "true".

Now as said: most work items we are able to open up through this functionality, but some throw this FAIL. When we process the concerning failing work item to the next assignment we are able to use the functionality again to open it from this same section through the open work by handle.functionality without errors.

Now I see quite a lot of articles about hotfixes in combination with a simular error in the doUIAction.

Can anyone suggest to me if we should install a certain one or look somewhere else?



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