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Posted: July 30, 2019
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7.3.1 Status bar/Progress bar updated while activity loops

Hi all. We have a pre-processing activity that could loop through up to 10,000 embedded pages to perform a series of checks or validations. This process could take a while to execute. I would like to provide the user with a browser message (i.e. alert(string)) that shows the percentage of the process as it is running. It cannot be UI-side since the preprocessing activity executes before the sections load.

I have been researching a java solution to input into the activity as a step that would update the percentage of progress with each iteration (1,082 of 10,000 Complete) or (10.82% complete). I'm open to any other ideas or options.

I tried looking into UI controls, but as stated, for obvious reasons, it cannot be done.

I tried adding alert("Hello World"); with java, but get a compile error that alert(string) is not defined.

Any help, suggestions, or ideas is greatly appreciated.

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