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Posted: June 30, 2021
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Posted: 30 Jun 2021 4:54 EDT
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8.6 new privilegies for pxRetrieveReportData

Hello, While upgrading from PEGA 8.2.8 to PEGA 8.6, two privilegies were added to the activity Rule-Obj-Report-Definition.pxRetrieveReportData : AllFlows and OpenDeveloperForm. The problem with the addition of those privileges is that it obliges the user to have the privilegies if he needs to access to the report's data.

A front-office user needs access to access report data and therefore must have the privilege to open a developper form or to open any Back-Office flow. Appart switching the data page providing the report results to the node level and assigning the data page access to an administrator Access group, I don't see how to load report data for thread-level data pages that are triggered by any non-developer role. I looked for a solution online but didn't find it. Do you know how to implement a simple Thread-level data page list sourced by a report for a normal user role without AllFlows and OpenDeveloperForm privilegies in PEGA 8.6? Many thanks, Etienne

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