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About Quoted text in Email subject

As I'm reading a user guide of Pega Marketing8.2, I have a question about email subject.
I know the Email Subject field supports the following three formats.
1)Plain text 2)Quoted text 3)Property references.

Following is questions I want to solve.

1)In three formats,I don't know how does Quoted text works.
If I use Quoted text, where system fetch a value in Quoted text
and how reflect the value in Quoted text to Pega Marketing??

2)What is different between Quoted text and Property references??

For example,I want to configure Email subject by using Quoted text.
It's "ProductName" which of this value is "funcitional watch"

I want to enter “The brand new \”Product Name\” is here!” at subject field at subject filed.
and I want to this subject shows that The brand new “funcitional watch” is here!

In this case,what I configure in Pega Marketing??

Pega Marketing
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