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Sivakumar Vikramasundaram (SUNDARVIK)
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Posted: May 6, 2019
Last activity: May 13, 2019

Access another Pega application through URL

I have a Pega application A in 6.3 Sp1 in app server A and another different Pega application (6.2 Sp2) in app server B.

From application A ,there is an existing implementation where they are trying to access application B through URL in the below format and its working fine

in Application B ,there is a operator id call ZZZZ and its password is not known and its encrypted.I know for sure that password is not HHHH.but we have a situation to reset the password of ZZZZ in that case ,the aboveimplementation is not working.Assuming i have to reset the password for ZZZZ as rules then how do i form the right password to pass in the URL.

I read some where in forum that md5 algorthim is applied on the password but i tried the same it did not work for me.Please throw some light on the same.

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