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Access Policy Condition

Hi All,

What is the role of access policy conditions in processing a standard agent.

In our project we have an advanced agent which queues up and then a standard agent to create case from it. But we are facing the issue from Access Policy Conditions where it is failing and the Scheduled tasks are going to broken process.

In our access policy conditions we have to two conditions:

1) Checks the access role of user and some other properties.

2) Second one is the Otherwise condition which is linked to .pxApplication to our Application.

I see in tracer agent is failing because of this access policy, once I remove the access policy the agent is working fine. In tracer it is failing in report definition which is called from the agent activity. Report activity step 33.

Could you please tell me why the agent is executing the access policy conditions and if so then why it's not going to the second condition i.e. the other wise condition.



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