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Posted: August 22, 2015
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Accessing data from pxPages in a Tree Grid repeating layout


I'm using a tree grid repeating layout on a section to display a tree of cases that match some criteria based on current case's context. I've decided to use a page list property as a source because dependent cases should be loaded lazily as a user expands a row with a root case. To be more specific, I'm using pxResults property on a page of Code-Pega-List class.

Tree grid layout data source.png

Section - pages and classes.png

The data for pxResults property is prepared by the activity that is called when the "Search" button is clicked on the same section. This activity uses Report Definition to retrieve all the necessary data from Pega database according to search criteria. Till this point everything works just fine. But... My Report Definition retrieves data not only from case instances but also from associated instances of Assign-Worklist and Index-* (there in an index optimizing some properties from embedded pages of a case for reporting) classes. Refer to screenshots below for details.

Report Definition - Data Access tab.pngReport Definition - Query tab.png

This data, obviously, is retrieved by means of joins on a class and declarative index, respectively. The data from joined classes is available in .pxPages page group on every page of pxResults page list.

Clipboard view of search results.png

The problem is that when I try to reference properties from joined classes on .pxPages I'm getting the following error saving section: String value of a cell: .pxPages(deal).DealDescription doesn't exist or is not a valid entry for this ruleset and its prerequisites

Section - reference property from joined class.png

I've tried different ways of specifying .pxPages on Pages & Classes tab: .pxPages(deal) as shown on the picture, .pxPages(), SearchDealResult.pxResults().pxPages(deal) etc. None of them makes any difference - the error is the same.

After some experiments I've found out that this is a design-time error, not the runtime. I've found two workarounds to make this section be saved successfully:

  1. Create the property with the same name inside the work-class.
  2. Use Link control.

In both cases data is correctly retrieved from .pxPages when being referenced as .pxPages(<subscript>).<Property name>.

Validation workaround.png

Does anybody know the (Pega-) way to solve the problem described?

Thanks in advance.

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