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Posted: June 23, 2017
Last activity: June 27, 2017

Action "Set style" not really working...


Under pega version 7.2.1 I would like to use the built-in "Set style" action to add a class name to an element after it is clicked.

I did set up an "action set" to listen on click events and used the set style as an action.

However, this simply does not work (other actions as for example Run Script work). I have tried these combinations:

ActionStyle setting typeOutcome
ClickStyle Classnot working
ClickInline cssnot working
HoverStyle Classnot working
HoverInline cssworks
FocusStyle Classnot working
FocusInline cssworks

Also pretty strange that the additional style seems to be discarded if the focus on the element is lost, however, if the element was once hovered and later another element gets the hover, the previous element will still have the styles added with inline. I think this behaviour is pretty inconsistent.

Are you experiencing this issue too?

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