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Activity not being called from JavaScript on initial login

Hi All,

I am calling an activity from JavaScript using the below code -

oSafeUrl = new SafeURL("ClassName.ActivityName");

var request = pega.util.Connect.asyncRequest('GET',oSafeUrl.toURL());

But by using this, the activity is not being called during the initial log in of the requestor session.
The JavaScript was placed in multiple locations and tried starting with Scripts and Styles tab of the Harness Rule, included in HTML fragments in the pyPortalHeader section, included non-auto generated section in the pyPortalHeader section, etc., but none have worked. Not just activities but even Data Transforms could not be called on initial load.
Once the requestor session is completely created, then the activity is called successfully on all subsequent calls.
Any help on this will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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