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Posted: March 22, 2021
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The activity pzCheckFieldSecurity in the step 10 Java step is failing when we are sending a property value inside the content

We are using CreateCase API to create the case through DX API, and the privilege "pxCreateCaseDX" is present in  the access group corresponding to end user.

While debugging the CreateCase API, we found that the activity pzCheckFieldSecurity in the step- 10 Java step is failing when we are sending a property value inside the content of request JSON in DX API in pega 8.5.2 version.

Java code :

               if (isValidAttachment && pega_api_pzserviceapi.pzValidateViewFields(pageParam_ContentPage, oFieldsMap, caseID, actionUI, tools.getParamValue("ruleName"), isV2Api)) {

    areFieldsSecure = true;


 For testing purpose when we have removed the highlighted condition its working fine. So it is clear that second condition is failing and setting areFieldsSecure Local Variable as False.

Now when we dig deep in to the function  pzValidateViewFields we observed that below highlighted condition is  getting executed:

        } else {

          if (actionSectionView.equals(""))

          oLog.error("For " + caseID + ", the field " + aPropRef + " wasn't found in the " + actionName + " harness");     


We got the below Log Message while it failed to create the case:

For creation of *Class*, the field *Property name* wasn't found in the New harness.

It is probably caused by the property which is coming through the request JSON inside the content, is expected to be present in the New Harness.


Please confirm if  this is the expected product behavior? and please also confirm if our understanding is correct that the expected fix is to include the property inside the NEW harness.


Pega Platform 8.5.2 Enterprise Application Development Dev/Designer Studio Insurance Senior System Architect