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Activity step loop over a page list


I have an activity where one of the steps is to create a work object (AddWork). Prior to this activity step I create a pyWorkPage in the clipboard for use as the step page. Within the pyWorkPage I create a page list (pxResults) with a list of all the operators (Data-Admin-Operator-ID). See screenshot for the clipboard page and activity steps.


I want to create a work object for every operator (and assign the work object to the operator).

What I tried:

In de activity I added a new step before the "call AddWork" step and selected Loop function for this step. I choosed "Loop for each embedded page" and gave pyWorkPage.pxResults as the step page. (see screenshot). Then, I nested the call AddWork step within this loop step.

But when I run the activity, only 1 work object is created. It seems that the call AddWork step is not looped as expected for the 9 pages.

Am I missing something? Or is there any better approach to do this?

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