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Activity Steps When Condition Not Evaluated

This issue exists in Clients Pega Cloud 8.3 and is being further tested in Pega 8.x Personal Edition.

This has been an issue on several test of varying conditions evaluating different properties. Others include checking for null on activity step description field. I greatly appreciate any clarification.

In this example, the activity was to evaluate the label block for commented(//) steps and return a warning if present. I have replaced the "//" with a "1" to eliminate any escape character possibilities.

Save-As on the @baseclass Activity CheckForCustomWarnings to Apply To Rule-

Check For Custom Warnings @baseclass


Call Embed-ActivitySteps.CheckForExtendedWarningsCheck For Custom Warnings Rule Dash Class


Set steps, parameter and call function to add message.

Check For Extended Warnings Activity


evaluate property using .pyStepsBlockName=="1"

Add "1" to label

When Condition


Test using expression builder evaluates properly

Test using expression builder passes


Tracer shows when condition evaluated false

Tracer shows when condition evaluated false


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