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Markus Moranz (moram)
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Posted: December 9, 2020
Last activity: December 9, 2020

Ad-Hoc Case Generation in Cosmos


in 8.5.1 after initial dashboard config via "My Cases" widget it is possible to reach "Ad-Hoc Case Creation" in Cosmos Pega Portal for exceptional flows with cases/child-cases/tasks that appear along a standard casetype-defined case execution.

Create an ad-hoc case

When reading documentation (at least up to 8.3) there is mention of "Convert manual process to a case type".

Ad-Hoc-Case Dashboard Section View in DevStudio

In such ad-hoc case's dashboard (viewed as section in DevStudio) can be found a button "Configure for Reuse", which starts that conversion to a "real case type".

This button only appears only with following criteria met:

pyAllowPublishAsCase &&  pzHasCaseInstitutionalizePrivilege

What is required role/access group setup to make that function available?

Or is that function defunct or switched off or deprecated?

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