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Posted: December 16, 2020
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Adaptive decision manager settings and trend graph in model report


I am interested in the configuration of the adaptive decision manager settings in Pega 8.4:

Monitoring configuration Model and predictor data snapshot

  • Store all model data and only the latest predictor data
  • Store all model data and all predictor data

As of now the first setting is active, I am able to see the new graph points in the trend tab for each model report which are generated daily (as the snapshot schedule is based on an agent). Likewise, instances of classes Data-Decision-ADM-ModelSnapshot and Data-Decision-ADM-PredictorBinningSnapshot are also present for multiple days.

Is this setting above impacting the trend graph of the adaptive models' performance, if storing only the latest predictor data is selected?

If so, should the first option only allow to store the latest predictor data, delete any old data and always be represented as one point in the trend graph in the model report after each snapshot update? Would the previously gathered data be removed/ignored or invisible in the trend tab?

Thanks, Rokas

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