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Posted: May 21, 2020
Last activity: December 22, 2020

Adaptive-outbound-marketing exercise - negative responses are not captured from the email treatments

Hi All,

I'm doing the following Pega course:

And I would like to ask for help because I have an issue with the processing of the negative responses. 

So I've followed the instructions and everything works well except the rejected answers. Basically we send out offers via emails and the customer can accept or reject the offer with the help of the ootb pega action buttons. Our strategy rule contains an adaptive model and the model learns from the customer's responses. Very basic setup, you can find more details in the course as needed.

When I run the campaign and click on the accept button in the email then I see that the counter of the positive responses is increased in the model. But when I click on the reject button then I don't see any changes/negative responses in the model.

There is a predefined dataflow if we run it then it uploads some stored customer responses to train our model. This one works well, I mean the negative responses will be captured as well. 

Why don't we see the negative response in case of the emails?

Could you please help me out?


I'm trying to debug this issue, I've already traced the related HTTP service rule which captures the responses from the email, it seems ok. As far as I see the "learning process" of the adaptive model is done by different data flows but I need to dig more into that.

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