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Posted: March 19, 2021
Last activity: March 29, 2021

Adavanced Agent not running in specific node

Hi All,

Our Production environment runs with 2 nodes. Product Version : 8.2.3

Node A - Universal Type

Node B - Universal Type

We have configured all our agents and listeners to run in Node A. User can be logged in to Node A or Node B which will be decided by the Load balancer.

For past 3 days one of our Advanced agent is not running automatically and in admin studio last run in showing its last run time. This agent will run only once in a day. (7 PM GMT)

Steps Taken to resolve:

1. Agent configuration are checked. No issue was found.

2. Auto queue is enabled in the Node tab of the agent.

3. Deleted the agent scheduler and recreated itself.

4. Checked the Preprod environment which is an mirror of Prod. There agent is running fine in Node A.(Pre prod has its seperate 2 nodes, no dependency with Prod node)

5. Pega logs and alert logs were checked. No space issue or exception or alerts were found at the agent runtime or before its runtime.

6. We have seperate agent to track the agent running time and its run count. In that report also this agent was not found.

Finally, we have stopped that agent in Node A and started it in Node B. This approach works fine and agent make its run and completed its intended work.

So, our question is why agent is not running in Node A?

Thanks in advance, we are looking for your suggestions.






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