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Add a new locale to the system - en_CH


I'm working for a Swiss client on an English language application. The requirement is that date format, currency format, etc. be according to the Swiss standard (like de_CH), but the language of the user interface be English (not German).

After some search it looks like using the "en_CH" locale would be the good solution (see:, but it's not available in the system (see checks below).

I guess custom Java coding it should be possible, but as it looks like Pega has multiple customization around localization, I would prefer a Pega-approved (OOTB) solution.

Is there a possibility to add a new locale to Pega (8.1.5), if so, how to do it?

Any ideas, solutions, case studies are much appreciated.

Best regards, Attila


Checking the available locales with a Java step ("en_CH" is not in the list):

java.util.Locale locales[] = java.util.Locale.getAvailableLocales();

for (java.util.Locale locale : locales) {
    content += locale.toString() + "<br />";

As the PRDateFormat class's JavaDoc says Pega uses the ICU library, I also checked the installed ICU data in Pega's database:

select distinct pzjar, pzpackage, pzclass
from pegarules.pr_engineclasses
where lower(pzpackage) like 'com/pega/ibm/icu/data'
  and lower(pzclass) like '%ch%'
PZJAR: pricu2jdk.jar
PZPACKAGE: com/pega/ibm/icu/data
PZCLASS: it_CH.res, it_CH.xml, fr_CH.res, fr_CH.xml, de_CH.res, de_CH.xml


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