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Posted: March 21, 2019
Last activity: June 28, 2019

Adding a column with a "Custom Search Property" to search results (pyWorkSearchResults).


  • Use the OOTB search functionality (pySearchFieldWorkResponsive) in the portal, search bar in the top right-hand corner.
  • Search for the content of a property from the case, let’s call it .Bob.
  • In the pop-out search results and in the “open results in new window”, cases should be visible which correspond with the search string.
  • In addition, .Bob should populate a new column in the search results.

Current problem:

  • The right cases are being displayed when searching on the content of the property (Work-.Bob).
  • However, Property (Work-.Bob) is not populating the new column in the search results (pyWorkSearchResults & pyShowResultsInNewWindow).

Current implementation:

  1. Created property (.Bob) in Work-.
  2. Optimized property for reporting.
  3. Added property (Work-.Bob) to “Custom Search Properties: pySearch” (Work-.pySearch).
  4. Re-indexed Work-.
  5. Added property (Work-.Bob) to “Report Definition: Work Search” (Work-.pyWorkSearch).
  6. Added a column populated by property (Work-.Bob) to the results table in “Section: Work search Results” (Work-.pyWorkSearchResults).
  7. Added a column populated by property (Work-.Bob) to the results table in “Section:Show Results In New Window” (Work-.pyShowResultsInNewWindow).
  8. Test by searching on the content of property (Work-.Bob).
  9. Test results in returning the right cases. All columns are populated using OOTB properties, for example .pyID. However, the column based on the custom property (Work-.Bob) is not populated (empty).
  10. When opening the search results in a new window. Property (Work-.Bob) is empty on the clipboard. (D_pyWorkSearch -> pyWorkResults).

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