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Adding Doc Variables and embedded excel objects into word templates/correspondence elements

  1. Is there a way to add 'doc variables' into word templates through Pega? I need the doc variables next to a few identifier fields thata re filled in from Pega case data in the word template so that our downstream applications can use the generated document for further processing.
  2. Is there a way to have an embedded excel object alongside Pega correspondence elements within the word document that is generated using Pega's word templates?

The below attachment shows an example of the document I am trying to generate from Pega. The table is an embedded excel work object and also has a doc variable associated with it.The 'File#' field has a doc variable associated with it as well.Is it possible to create such a template and generate with Pega case details.

When I try, I am either able to show the doc variable or the correpondence element but not both.

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