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Additional metadata desired for class definitions

There are many times that we, in a COE reviewing applications, wish to see a class-based view of an application.

That is, we'd like to understand all the classes supplied by applications, and understand things like how it's populated. This helps us effectively review the design.

It would be grand if this could all be captured within Pega, rather than maintained outside.

I'm open to evolving the terminology. "Foreign keys" is obviously a term out of RDB nomenclature, but the concept in general (of what things this relates to) applies to data architecture in general.

Through 7.1.5, the Custom Properties in a rule are still under-utiliized. We'd love to say for a given rule type, these additional fields are required to be filled out to go beyond the usage/description, (I suppose we could have a separate case to capture this, but that seems like overkill)

DescriptionAuto-generateable from Pega?
Tableassociated tableYes
Logical KeyProperties making up the keyYes
Primary keyPrimary key of the table.
(pzInsKey for standard Pega tables)
Sample KeyWhat is it expected to look like?No
Growth rateRecords added/monthNo - could be calculated from prod
Avg Record SizeNo - could be calculated from prod
Who addsWhich part of the process adds a record here?No
API for addingWhat is the API/activity for adding records?No
Work key propertyWhich property points to the work keyYes
Foreign keysWhat properties point to foreign tables? (IOW, is this associated to the case, or other objects?)
Indexed columnsWhich columns are indexed?No
Confidential fieldsWhich columns contain confidential information? (could indicate which would be sanitized)No

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