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Additional vertical scrollbar when tab group layout is used

When a tab group layout is used, vertical scrollbar is added and this isn't desirable because it causes an application to have two vertical scrollbars next to each other, which is ugly and confusing to the users. So I figured out a way to remove the extra vertical scrollbar by setting overflow to none in its skin by adding a custom css file.

However, getting rid of this outer vertical scrollbar causes another issue: users now can't access the horizontal scrollbar. Without the outer vertical scrollbar, users can't scroll down to where the horizontal scrollbar is.

The most ideal outcome is to get rid of the outer vertical scrollbar and still show the horizontal scrollbar. More explanation and screenshots are available in the attached file.

I wonder if I have to create an SR for this, because the tab group layout always adds the vertical scrollbar. And I'm sure it isn't desired by many of the tab group layout users.

Any suggestion/help is appreciated.

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