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Naveen Goel (GoNaveen)

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Posted: July 21, 2020
Last activity: July 21, 2020

Administrator role to be able to only access/manage operators through Developer Studio


We have a requirement for a Helpdesk admin Access Group in the application where users of this AG should only be able to view existing operators or be able to create new.

We tried customizing the ootb role SecurityAdministrator but Operator instances were not listed upon a user logging into Developer Studio with this role assigned. We added the 'OpenDeveloperForm' privilege to @baseclass and then the operator listing was shown.

The issue is with 'OpenDeveloperForm' privilege the user is able to list all other Rule instances as well. 

Can you please recommend an option where helpdesk AG can only see Operators listing?  

One option were are trying is if there is a way to write an Access When rule on 'OpenDeveloperForm' privilege to check something like .pxObjClass =="Data-Admin-Operator-ID" but this is not working as well.


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