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Posted: September 4, 2019
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Posted: 4 Sep 2019 2:37 EDT
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Adopt Open JDK support by Pega

We are planning to switch to Adopt Open JDK for our application. Currenty we use Pega 7.1.9, (Java 8u131-b11, and Tomcat 8.0.53) but potentially we might upgrade to 8.x.

Now we´d like to know if there is any support given from Pega regarding Adopt OpenJDK. We are already aware of the "Platform Support Guide" for 8.x or 7.x but these documents unfortunately don´t give any information on Adopt OpenJDK. Also I found the following posts which also don´t give a clear answer:

Can you please clarify if and for which version Pega can guarantee Adopt OpenJDK support?

Many thanks in advance.

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