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ashwin kumar s (ashwinkumars)

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Posted: July 26, 2020
Last activity: July 26, 2020

Advanced Agent Block Time Option

In pega 7.3 ,

Agent Configurations are as below:

Agent Type : Advanced

NodeType : Background Processing

Schedule : Periodic - Every 10 mins

So if we select "Run on one node at a time" option, understanding is that there will be No overlap of agent run across nodes in dat cluster but still the agent would run on all nodes in dat cluster.


In addition,  "Delay next run of agent across the cluster" is set to 4 mins.


But the Agent runs for every 10 mins only in 1 node.


Wont the agent wakes up after 4 mins itself in other node?

In short,  how the time interval set in "delay next run" works relative to the Agent schedule interval in below scenarios?


Delay next run interval > Schedule Interval

Delay next run interval < Schedule Interval

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