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Advanced Agent on multinode


I believe the below link is talking about STANDARD AGENT where the queue items are already present. In that case, if first item is picked by Node A agent, then it wont be picked by Node B agent. Node B agent picks the second queue item, Node C agent picks the third queue item.

In my case, I have an ADVANCED AGENT. It runs on two Nodes (A and B). I set it to run on an interval of 1 hour. The agent activity queries work table on some conditions and browses 50 cases to do further processing on them. My questions are

1) Since agent activity running on both the nodes, Do you think both the node activity picks the same 50 cases for processing ?

2) Anyway i handled the lock while locking each work item. But do you think it makes any agent to stop abruptly in any scenario?

3)For advanced agent, there are no queue items initially since it is configured to run every 1 hour to do the process. I think the same process will be attempted on agents on two nodes on same set of cases every time. So do you think i should configure it on one node?


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