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Posted: December 11, 2016
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AES 7.2 not displaying nodes in enterprise area

We are using AES 7.2 to monitor a Pega 7.1.9 node. AES displays all alerts, exceptions but there are no nodes listed in the enterprise tab. The connection string in PegaAES-Data-Nodes instaces are correctly referring to the PRSOAPServlet of the monitored server. On the monitored server, the endpoint url for PDC is correctly set to the PRSOAPServlet of AES server. All the AES and AESRemote agents are running on AES server. Following DSS settings are set for monitored server

aessetting/debpushnode - the monitored node id

aessetting/perfstatmode- PUSH

We haven't made any changes in the prlogging.xml of monitored server just used the PDC landing page as mentioned in the node configuration guide. The prconfig is updated to include the AES related settings as below.

<env name="Identification/SystemName" value="DEV" />
<env name="management/enabled" value="true"/>
<env name="management/interval" value="120"/>
<env name="management/notifications/appender" value="ALERT-AES-SOAP"/>
<env name="pdcconfig/altsoapurl" value="http://<<AESServer>>:<<PORT>>/prweb/PRSOAPServlet" />
<env name="pdcconfig/enablealertappender" value="true" />
<env name="pdcconfig/enablehealthappender" value="true" />

Please help us in getting the AES server show the node status in the enterprise tab. 


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