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Posted: June 28, 2017
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AES Setup

Hi Team,

We are trying to setup AES for our Pega Node. Our Pega node is running on the version 7.20 and our AES is running on 7.17.As per the node configuration guide for Pega7.2 we have to update the URL in the Pega Diagnostic cloud landing page. I have updated the URL to point to AES server in my monitored pega node, but still i don't see node appearing in the System connectivity in AES.

Instances of class PegaAES-Data-Nodes shows my monitored node but i don't see any details related to my monitored node. I see all agents related to PegaAES and PegaAESRemote are running in AES and Pega Node.

Any inputs on how the issue can be debugged ? I dont see any errors in the logs on both the nodes



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