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Raphael Ribeiro (Raphael Ribeiro)
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Posted: March 26, 2021
Last activity: March 31, 2021

After success interrogation the fields my automation is not working

I created an automation to be triggered by clicking a button from a specified section from a case type instance.

After it my automation reads an information from a text field in the same section mentioned above.

All fields were interrogated without any issues and I used a wildcard match rule (url, title, etc) to guarantee the matches.

My issue occurs when I run my automation. I don't know why but when I run/debug my automation the matches didn't work.

How can I check in debug mode if my matches are working?

Pega Robotics 19.1 + Chrome (browser)

P.S.: My Automation is working using App Bar. So I started to plug Pega application in my automation I staterd to facing this issue  

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