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After unlocking a case both the users can take action on the case in Test environments through SSO login

Hi Team,

We are facing issue with case unlocking after upgrading our application to PRPC V7.1.9 from PRPC V6.2 Its working in Development environment (both Servlet URL and SSO). but its not working in some test environments when logged in through SSO though its working through Servlet URL.

Following are the steps causing the issue through SSO Login only.

1.In one session, access a Work object with OperatorId A and aquire the lock.
2.Login with OperatorId B in the other session and unlock the WO followed by submitting the case. Now case gets resolved.
3.Try to submit the case already opened by OperatorId A. I am not getting error saying that 'Other operator has already taken precedence over you' though OperatorId B has already submitted the case. Audit trail will get updated for both the users.

I didn't find anything interesting in Logs.

but in Tracer found that in performFlowAction (OOTB) activity, at step no 5, tools.getDatabase().getLockManager().isLocked() function is returning true as a result lockGone local variable is holding false value instead of true. Is it because of cache issue? Please suggest.

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