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After validation fail on modal window, then when user re-enters text in input field, submit button does not work on first click

After validation fail, when user re-enters text in input field then presses submit button for the first time, it clears the error message on screen but does not submit the form. They must press submit a second time in order for it to work. Alternatively, they can click anywhere outside the input field then click submit once and it will work.


User enters incorrect details -> error message appears on screen -> user enters correct details -> presses submit (or anywhere else outside the text input field) -> error message clears but form remains open -> presses submit -> form submits

I have tried creating an action set for change > clear messages and post value. I have also tried an action set of change > set focus but this has not worked. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Many thanks

Pega Platform User Interface
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