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Jerome Recker (Jerome@quavo)
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Posted: December 5, 2017
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Agent Processed Data Pages

This is in response to the post that I found at

I am running into a similar issue, and disagree that this is "expected behavior". My scenario is as follows:

  • A very common DCR data page is defined at MyCo-Data-ClassRef. This defines all classes that extend from MyCo-Data-ClassRef.
  • At the implementation layer, the loading data transform changes the data page to instead be of class MyCo-Impl-Data-ClassRef. It does so by updating .pxObjClass. This works completely if a normal user references the data page.
  • If an SLA triggers a rule that references the data page, the MyCo-Data-ClassRef version runs, even though according to the application, it should be running the other version of the rule.

To me, it seems like thread/requestor level data pages, whether editable or read only, should always be flushed when an agent fires. Any given run of an agent could potentially run under a different application's scope, and it is not the job of the rules triggered by the agent to know that they need to flush these data pages, or to know that they were ultimately triggered by an agent. This should be handled by the agent.

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Data Integration
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