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Agent processing same entry multiple times in one run with MaxAttempts>1 - 7.1.7

For MaxAttempts greater than 1, Agent is processing the same entry multiple times in one run.

We have MaxAttempts set to 3 is that Agent is processing the entry 3 times in one run,

But the expectation here is that it should attempt to process the entry only once in one run and it fails then the second time when the agent wakes up should process the same entry and again if it fails then in the third run it should process the entry,

Otherwise it doesn´t make sense if it attempts to process the same entry 3 times in one run (It will always be failed).

Regarding the MinimumAgeForProcessing parameter - We tried to put some value in that as well but what it is doing is delaying only the first time processing but we want to delay the consecutive attempts of agents.

PRPC 7.1.7

How can we achieve this behaviour?

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