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Posted: March 17, 2020
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Agent Schedule Configuration

I am looking for a definitive guide for the proper configuration of Agent schedules in an HA cluster, and I cannot find any sort of document or discussion that covers this properly.

- which agents to run

- which agents are not required

- which agents should run on which NodeType

- which agents should only be run on a single node.

the document needs to include all the Marketing Agents as well.

all I can find are basic guides on how to use NodeType, and configure Agent Schedules, but no details on how the individual agents should be run ... 

This configuration should be a documented science and not an art.  I would like to ensure we do this properly, but without guidance from Pega, some of this is just a guessing game.


for instance ... 3 agents clearly generate errors if they are run on more than one node.




so, assigning them to a NodeType will not make sense.


does a comprehensive document exist?  surely it must.

is is applicable to PRPC 7.3.1 with Marketing?


thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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