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Agent wakeup count is not logged

Agent wakeup count is not logged. we have a requirement to get the agent wake up count but we couldn't find any OOTB table with this data .

we are looking for the count on number of times the agent is executed. For example, an standard agent is scheduled for every 60 seconds, it only runs if there are items in the queue if not it doesn't run(i.e wake up), here we are looking for this count. We can take the count based on 60 second interval but it doesn't run all the time, it will run only if there are items in queue.

we tried to add a check in agent activity but this is not working is for us, it is giving us the count how many times agent activity is executed. We already opened SR for this, they said currently system is not tracking this information so they think this will be going as part of enhancement to product functionality.

Any workaround solution will be really appreciated, thanks.

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