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Posted: March 23, 2021
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Ajax Container not showing after screen refresh

I am seeing two issues  using ajax container 

Issue 1:

I am using a Tab Layout group to display the worklist in first tab and case details in second tab. I am using Ajax container in second tab to open the cases that were clicked in first tab, This Ajax container can show multiple cases as  separate tabs within the main tab (second tab). The issue is , the case is not loading immedietly , it is showing up after 10 seconds or more after clicking the case id from work list. But if I use Ajax container in the bottom of the main work list section, it is showing up immedietly. In this case I am not using layout group, just a dynamic layout. I am not sure what is causing this issue. Any inputs are appreciated.

Issue 2:

In both scenarios mentioned above, when I refresh the screen the Ajax container is disappearing even though some work items are opened in the tabs within the Ajax container. I have checked "reload for every interaction" also in the sections action event( opening an assignment in Ajax container). Any idea how to keep the Ajax container tabs even after refresh.

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