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Alert Message in Composite Portal Conflict HTML to be corrected/modified


To begin with, I have 3 different scenarios to be discussed.

Scenario 1:

A Workobject is searched and opened in a REVIEW mode. One of the Navigation link in the top of the Review harness is ‘Update Mode’. When User clicks on ‘Update Mode’, gets the alert message and the message says – ‘Would you like to reopen the item and lose any unsaved changes?’. The second part of the message is opposing where the Workobject is still in REVIEW mode.

Scenario 2 – Customizing the Alert Message

The field message is called from ‘CompositePortalConflict’ HTML rule. Our requirement is to customize the alert message and have 3 different alert messages. The above mentioned HTML rules is a FINAL rule to customize it. We have tried by circumstancing the rule and didn’t work. What are the alternate ways to customize it?

Scenario 3 – Bypassing the system generated alert message

If we cannot customize to have different message, we are thinking to have our own alert pop up’s. But, we have to set the conflict flag to false somehow to get it bypassed. Please advice if this is can be done.


I have attached the document with the screenshots for reference.



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